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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Six double Oh.

 at home before church.  i love to get this picture, the fam on Easter morning.  the three personalities are so evident in this photo.
we went out to the farm for lunch.  katie made individual meatloaf(s).  yumm.  i fell asleep on the way there.  habtamu woke me up: hello? where are we supposed to turn?
now, i have driven on 3 many times in the last 20 years, so when i woke up and wasn't quite sure where we were, i knew we'd passed 35.  sure enough we made it to lantto's store pretty quick.  where did that huge gas station come from!?  i kept giggling to myself and i could hardly even tell katie why we were so much later than expected...i was whispering and laughing at the same time.  too funny.  it was a small crew this year.  their hannah is in england; levi is in ND; mom, mari, and kristin were on a cruise this last week, traveling home today; katie lynn went to her in-laws, kev was in WI (as if, kev); shirls was working.  
such a lovely day-weather was perfect, good food, my fam loving on my kids.  PERFECT.

OH YEAH! this is my 600th post.  huh.


Anonymous said...

lovely. -jr

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MindiJo said...

Sounds perfect.

When Lantto's first built that store, my MIL came to visit and was feeling so sorry for Lantto's. Who would be so cruel as to build a huge gas station kitty-corner from them, driving them out of business?!