LOVE has come for you.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

i just can't let it go.

21.) contrast

22.) triptych
judah adores his brother.

23.) mother nature

24.) simplicity
25.) weathered
i edited this one on picmonkey using a texture.

26.) after dark
11:26. my roommie was already sawing logs, but i was wide awake.

27.) shallow depth of field
beach rock in grand marais.

28.) strange
a grape. i was slightly concerned, but let her eat it anyway.
29.) vintage
the scalloped window to my kitchen.  vintage paneling

30.) broken
this tree is broken.  and then somebody stood it upright on the beach.

our dryer is broken.

31.) trust


Brita said...

Great entries all around.

Gram said...

Yes, I'm glad you. Couldn't let it go. Chuckles on the broken example. Smiles on the trust.