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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

texture, rule of thirds

habinator got this blanket from a work gift exchange a few years ago. it came with a brown piece-it is meant for a tie blanket.  yeah. we never got around to the tying? silver lining: TWO snuggley blankets.

suvi wanted strawberry shortcake desperately.  we whipped some cream to eat with our berries and cake.  i plopped some whipped cream in my hot coffee. i love the glossy dollop and the foamy melted cream. 

rule of turds.

teehee, hello, snow.


Yvonne said...

love your rule of thirds and the plop of whip!

MindiJo said...

As always, great pics.

Anonymous said...

iss dat you, yenny? in da ret svimmin soot?


I likey your photos.