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Sunday, June 17, 2012

father's day is only 5 years old...

in my house!

i'm happy to be getting familiar with the day due to my baby daddy. it is entertaining to watch Hub-tamu with our little children, our fast-growing mess makers, because they have so much fun with DADDYYYYYYY!

happy father's day to the best father i could ever dream of for these babes! and to the dad's in all y'alls worlds, too.
our auntie A came over today...we got a treat after we brought her back to her apartment.

i was playing around on picmonkey again. this picture still cracks me up.

i just love these flowers out front of our house

a teensy photo around hab's first father's day.

we love you, daddio!

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Anonymous said...

Life changed fast in 5 years time for ya'll.

Beautiful Clematis---I always wanted to grow one but I hear they can be finicky.

We missed you yesterday. The kitchen served 1700 people and the hotdog line served 1500 and ran out! It turned out to be a nice, breezy, 70ish day.