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Thursday, June 14, 2012

ready to rumble

i was in a meeting today with someone that i don't know very well and i kept hearing noises from the stomach section of the meet-ee.  it was a serious type of appointment, so i couldn't mention or giggle about the rumbly tummy.  this was very distracting for me.  i couldn't decide if it was a hungry rumbly or a gassy gut, but it was funny.
we were approaching noon, so i figure he was antsy for his lean cuisine or jelly sandwich.

it is so wrong to think, but you know, it must have been distracting for him, too.  what if he was just concentrating on squeezing his cheeks the whole time?!
i know. i'm crass.
but at least i have a sense of humor about it all.

happy friday, friday people!

i had been hoping to go up north for the st john's services, but opted to stay home.  to my friends who are there...think of me!


Jan said...

I will think of you--- I get to go!!! Yay!

Gram said...

I will - think of you. Good post. I like humor that speaks of real life.

Carol said...

Wish you could have come -- hope to meet you some day. For now I'll think of you every time I have to squeeze.

Brita said...

SO funny. And I'll think of you too. St Johns is where we first met, after all. :)

Anonymous said...

How did you keep a straight face? ha ha.

I will miss you this weekend!