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Sunday, June 3, 2012


I have been catching up on the dubya-dubya-dubya this evening. I stopped here at this lovely blog with the most beautiful photos of newborn, teeny, tiny, human babies (awwww) and it literally made my chest ache. Not my heart, well, maybe a little, but I am saying I had some aching boobages. As if "Mom's Cafe" were letting down for operations. I am serious. Judah was weaned pert near a year ago, and I think we could have things up and running again if there's any call for wet nurses anytime soon. Sigh. My life is getting easier. Must be the reason I am craving a bebe. You know what is funny about newborns? All they do is sleep, but the Mom never does! Stinkerdoodle newborns. Aaaaaaanyhoo...


Anonymous said...

Doing some blog hopping and landed here and HAVE to comment on the new BE-You-tiful photog in your header:). I love <3. Amy I

ethiopifinn said...

Hi Amy :) thanks!