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Tuesday, June 5, 2012


How is your Tuesday? Yesterday I was treated to a coffee and a couple hours of catching up with a dear friend. Today, however, my everything is drag-a-laggin'.

This morning one of the kids smashed a doughnut in the living room. I am thinking about vacuuming THAT up.
It's a perfect day for line drying...I hung one load!
I'm a super homemaker, I know. You don't have to feel bad though, if your day doesn't include thinking about vacuuming and doing one load of laundry. I am a bonafide over-achiever. Always have been. Yep, that is me, the Tamiru Tornado. There are not any dust bunnies in this house to fear me, because, like I mentioned, I am a HMC (Highly Motivated Cleaner). You have only to measure your successes against your own best efforts. It really wouldn't be fair for any of us to attempt to measure up to a singular spic-n-spanatic such as myself.
I have begun training my children in the fine art of spiffifying. Oh, look now! Judah has emptied the trash. Yes, he has taken out the trash, only he hasn't mastered the "out of the trash bin, into the trash trolley." So there are papers and wrappers all around the kitchen floor...he's only 2, people. He will catch on in no time.

Enjoy Venus this evening. Did you make your viewer?


Anonymous said...

let's just say this post of yours made my day. I put in my best effort as well, and I'd like to leave it at that and move on. you are funny, my friend!

Anonymous said...

that was me - jr

ethiopifinn said...

I knew it was you. Love ya!

Brita said...

So funny.

Anonymous said...

heh heh heh. Glad to see that Judah is a garbage-bringer-outer....those are hard to come by.