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Friday, June 8, 2012

5 things I can hear...

Refrigerator humming, ac running next door, theo sneezing, hub sighing, fingers typing.

Five things I can see...
Laundry basket full with two FOLDED loads of clothes, finger paint on the curtains, yogurt on the bench, Barbie flip flops, Finnish for Foreigners 1 & 2.

Five things I can feel...
Chaco flip flops on my feet, fresh haircut (courtesy of yours truly), wooden bench with my bear/bare legs, satin pillow case, fan on low blowing on my feet.

This is an exercise I do when I have trouble falling asleep. Next I would count 4, then 3, etc of each of those three senses. It really helps me relax. I was sitting here snooping around on "spacechook", then repinning like a mad woman on pinterest, thinking that I am so not sleepy. Just WRITING out my list brought me back down to 'ready for bed' mode. Sometimes I stand next to my bed and do deep breathing...that helps, too.

Do you have any tricks?
By the way, I am a huge fan of satin pillow cases for the long hair peeps. It's a little different at first, if you are like me and in love with vintage embroidered cases, but it is easier on the hair. Especially since I don't wash my hair every day...I like to keep it in good shape.

Anyhoosey doosey, I am all set for some zzz's. Sleep tight!


Gram said...

Hmm. Unlike you, my trick is to think nothing. I used to concentrate on the inside of my eyelids. My new trick is to mentally hit the "pause" button.

MindiJo said...

I write a story in my head. I know. You think it would make my mind wander. Each night, it is the *same* story. But, I always start at the beginning and picture each part. And I haven't gotten very far with it. So *that* is how it is boring enough for me to sleep.