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Friday, June 8, 2012


it's my constant debate: keep growing the hair, or go short? i am still on the growing track.  for now.  last night after work i decided to trim up my bangs, and then found myself doing a whole haircut.   after going through my cut and styling my hair a bit, i was feeling pretty cute.  until i looked down.   i had a little comb out cape on, thinking i was keeping myself hair free.  shoot.
and this is even after some fell off when i walked over to grab the camera.  and my gut is curving like the earth. a hairy earth.  EEW! (snicker) mmm. snickers... what? me? random? well, how 'bout this. theo just said, "celery ice cream? that sounds DELICIOUS." and you thought *I* was random.

if i would have been wearing this cute litte cape, i would have been so stylin'.
i wonder if i should get this for when i do bridal hair.  would you feel like you were a lamp? table?  it's so funny and somehow sort of cute.

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Gram said...

Yes, I like the idea of a sheer/lace cape for a bride. And I so enjoy your humor..hairy earth :)