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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sometimes it stings.

Let's make a deal, alright?
I won't try fix you, and you, well, you don't try fix me either.
'cause, you is good, you is important, you is special.
And I Am Too, dangnabit.

Can't we just get some Barney the purple dinosaur up in here?
For crying out loud!

You know what? Sometimes I really want to believe that I am a pile of crappitty crapping crapper, but the truth is, I'm not. I am just somebody's daughter, sister, auntie, friend, wife, hairdresser, mother, and Facebook friend. You are perhaps many or none or all of those persons as well, and I don't think you are any kind of villain. Wait. You're not, are you? Because if you are, well, the super heroes around this house are totally going to capture you and put you in the custody of the proper authorities. Assuming you are not a criminal, we can continue here. (I'll just pause a moment so that any bad guys can find the way to the nearest exits.)
Ahem. So, as I was saying, I actually do have feelings. I care about the people in my life. I am doing my darnedest to simply take you for your word, accept you as your own sort of person, with your own thoughts and roles and hopes and dreams and fears and history and presence. Am I perfect?
Oh my word. No! I don't expect you to be, for goodness sake. Just please, be honest with me AND be kind. I am not here to judge you, but truth be told, I will probably notice your hair. But I will choose KINDNESS if you should mention your hair.
Hey. Let's CHOOSE kindness if we should mention ME and/or you.
"I love you, you love me, we're a happy family with a great big..."
Have a good Monday, good guys!
(bad guys, you can go blow it out your old wazoo.)

{{sometimes it just takes a super awesome listener and encourager of a husband, a sister who can break it down and cheer me up. and, a sense of humor and perspective and a hug from Mom.}}
that can take the sting right away.
aaaalllllllll better. :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Monday to you too:)


Sharyn said...

There is a gal here who does hair, and I've been very blunt with her - telling her, you realize I can never/and will never/sit in front of you in church - right?

But you're alright.

ethiopifinn said...

Sharyn, that is so funny.

Anonymous said...

I've always wished I could see me in the eyes of someone who does hair. That's a super power in itself. -jr

MindiJo said...

Well. Whoever was the big old meanie should come visit me one time. I will set the big old meanie straight. Yeah. Take that, meanie head.

Wait. You weren't offended that I Amishified my hair again, were you? It's not you. It's me.