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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

rhymes with 'oop'

blip. blop. bloop.

i just can't get the engine to turn over
but the radio works
i just cant get the seat adjusted
but the mirrors are okay.
my foot doesn't reach the accelerator,
but the hand brake works.
just FINE.


Kids, I am feeling a little Eeyore-ish, or Droopy.

So, I just previewed my blog and the pictures of these characters made me laugh.  :)

I have just been totally not raring to go, but that is just fine. No, really.  I have been enjoying not having appointments to get to or basically any commitments other than my evening gig at the MOE.  

Today I sorted and organized and collected toys for over 2 hours.  I was actually sweating.  Then when I look at them all lined up in the bins, it doesn't look like we are drowning in toys.  I like this look.  I was drilling into the kids, "I am happy that you pick up the toys in your bedroom. Be sure to put them back in the proper bins.  The PROPER bins.  Okay?"  They were like, yeah yeah.  I mean, does it really matter if they are put back into proper bins? Not really.  And they so enjoy when they rediscover a long lost item, unearthed from a misplacement during clean up time.  

I haven't been sleeping well the last few days.  Which makes me tired in the morning, which is why I drink coffee so late into the day, which is why, I'm only guessing here, I can't sleep at night.  It is a terrible cycle which can only be broken on a very busy day.  Like Saturday.  Until then, I'll read into the wee hours, yawn after the sun comes up and enjoy my coffee and diet Coke in between!
if you are at all in the mood for a kiddo update, judah has fallen in love with books.  he wants to read thomas the train stories 11 times in a row.  i tend to make it to 4 reads through before i start him in a different direction.  it's fun tho'.  tonight i was reading Percy and The Dragon (don't worry, it's a paper dragon for the parade).  judah was entranced and gasped and oh no'ed at just the right moments.  i love that we can read it and then read it again immediately and he is still into the suspense of the story just as much.  sweet Love.

suvi is truly aware of beauty.  she notices fancy and beautiful ladies where ever we go.  yesterday at the store, she wanted me to tell the clerk how beautiful she is.  it is sort of a weird thing to just give someone such a personal and subjective observational compliment. so shyly i say, "my daughter wants you to know she thinks you are so pretty." of course the lady is tickled to hear these words, bridged from my four year old daughter.  i've been spreading these kinds of rainbows all over town lately. sweet Love.

i have been feeling inept when it comes to our theo.  he's just so smart and sensitive, it scares me.  he has taught himself to read.  he is drawing and coloring so very carefully.  it amazes me how he has grown and learned so much.  i dread the start of kindergarten for my sake, and i'm thrilled for his sake.  he is ready to start his first steps away from mama.  i am so proud of him.  every success he has is just another squeeze on my heart. this is the joy of motherhood. (the whining and moaning and begging, well, that is another story.)  sweet Love.
Happy Thursday, Peeps!  xo


Anonymous said...

Oh Judah! I love books too, little guy.

Suvi-I need you to hang around ME with all that gushing...heh heh.

Smart Theo. Your little brain is working so fast---how do you keep up? I am proud of you!

Mama-there is no satisfaction like toy organization. Or clothes organization!


Anonymous said...

Love kid updates. And that word "inept"...well. That just jumped right off the screen and into my space. -jr

MindiJo said...

Wait. WHOA! Hold the phone! WHAT?! Theo has taught himself to read? That isn't normal, you know that, right? That kid is going to have an IQ off the charts. WOWZA! I AM SO IMPRESSED.

I love your sweet loves.