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Sunday, June 24, 2012


today was the sunday school picnic.  i was hot and cranky, but happy to be out of the house with the whole family.  the dad came, too. {YAY!} i think all the pregnant women and new babies were making him a little nervous ;) it was a sunshiney day: with lots of water, running, climbing, and no sunburns!  i am a fringes kind of girl, but i still got to chat a bit with a few pals. we brought a humongous apple pie from costco, and had to bring half of it home. {yay!}
on dad's lap during the service.  theo asked his dad to please, please, please come to the picnic today.  i really was hoping he'd come, too, but theo's invitation was un-decline-able.

i love to see all these boys travel in their pack. so cute.

gram's water bottle sprung a leak. she was spraying it into judah's mouth. suvi really wanted to be with the big girls at the table, but she was too shy to get acquainted.
we were all so hot when we got home. habinator put the sprinkler on for the kids.  i stayed inside in the a/c and did not pay attention to what judey was wearing until he came in.
undies. white (well, they used to be) thomas "just in time" undies.  too funny.  he is far from being potty trained. cute to see his chubby hinder in unders!!

i'm feeling a little raw lately.  lots of stress and self doubts. last night i couldn't fall asleep til after 2.  i did all my tricks with no luck. i got up and played on my ipad for a stretch and then started to feel sleepy.  this hasn't happened to me for many years (i mean, many nights in a row of insomnia).  it may be due to my pharm changes.  i'm looking to get it under control before the middle of july.  i have very important people to see in july.  right before i turn 37.  
every blooming oddity in my bod now, i freak out that i am starting menopause.  i still feel and act like i am 24, so this is very frightening to me, who is so young in her own nutser mind. oh! and super sweats.  my head just drips just doing things around the house. normal things that shouldn't make me sweat like i just finished my 'sweatin' to the oldies' video. my own personal summer. and the chin hairs.  ish!
what do you have going on this week? i get to see 2 old friends (separately). i want to slow down time so i can have a long leisurely summer like when i was 14. or even 24.  i think i need some ice tea tomorrow.
love and confidence to all y'all.  that's what i'm wanting this week, for l'il ol' me!!!!!


Jan said...

I get the sweats too, at night, but I think they are due to meds. But I have wondered the the menopause thing too. Funny.
Wishing you the best and giving you hugs about all the rest. Cut yourself lots of slack during these times, because you are surely worth it.

Sharyn said...

Greg would always purposely poke a hole in the water bottle lid to squirt water into the kid's mouths. they'll still ask for it sometimes! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'll see that confidence, and raise you a healthy dose of self esteem!
~ann b.

Brita said...

Did you see my Claire at the picnic? SHe's living the high life in your town right now...I'm starting to miss her, I run a lot of day by day stuff by her and enjoy her take. She's coming home with Ann B. on Friday.

And the undies butt. TOO TOO cute.