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Thursday, June 28, 2012

climbing mountains

not really.  but i got you to look, didn't i.
  • it's really fabulous to get in touch with old friends.  

    • i went to deanna's former pad yesterday, to visit with her former landlord's daughter. VICKI! it was lovely to see her and to meet two of her kids (the other one was at andrea's).  i am guessing it is over 10 years since i've seen my dear friend and within minutes we were in a deep and serious conversation.  SO GOOD!  in the years since i last visitied with vicki, she's moved around the country a bit, and even did a close to 2 year stint in china for her hub's work. my camera stayed in my back pack as we stayed in the pool!
    • melanie was here from the far east as well.  not asia, nova scotia ;) it's pretty far, and definitely east of here!  i haven't seen HER for over 3 years. she stayed a couple of nights and i was not ready for her to head up to see her folks today.  much to my dismay, i am not the boss of her and she has a mind of her own.  and a beautiful heart.  {muah!}
  • there is always one screw that is too tight for me to unscrew. i call it the 'bastard screw'. the rest of the screws don't want to claim it & it's difficult to work with. (i'm trying to take apart one of theo's toys- it stopped working.  so did i because i can't get that b*****d screw loose.)
  • i was up til 2 last night chatting with melanie.  the kids let me sleep in today.  that's how i know they really do love me.
  • do you know about chaco sandals? you may remember that i have the most difficult time getting shoes. and sandals? for.get. it. but, the flip flops from chaco, made in MICHIGAN by the way, work for me.  they are plenty supportive.  i love the other sandals they offer, but with my swelling and weight affecting my feet so much, i am so happy to have sandals that i can actually wear with no pain.  FAB.
  • it's time for me to go wash my puffy feets and cankles. working tonight!


MindiJo said...

Old friends are the best.

ethiopifinn said...

New friends are the best, too.

Anonymous said...

Fun for you! I was hoping to see a shot of those fab sandals. -jr