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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Just...a little...more...

I am right there. I can see it, or sense it, and I am stretching, reaching...ugh. I just pushed it further away. Sigh.

I have been on the verge of returning to my writing, but sleep and children and haircuts get in the way. Friday night I went to a small gathering to see my Swedish pal one more time before he started the trek home to the midnight sun. The first half hour of visiting and waxing nostalgic put such a squeeze on my heart. It is bittersweet to remember my visits to Finland and quick jaunts to Sweden. Finland was my first love. So reminiscing about J's trips here to the states makes me look back warmly to my life before beauty school. I was so young, hopeful, naive, sincere. Sweet memories. I had this sentiment riding on my chest on my way home from the "Safe Trip Home" party. It was just glowing, but by the time I got in the house, started getting ready for bed...the glow cooled off.
When the goodness in my friends acts like a little jump start to my smiler, I am one happy camper. Being with people who have known me over 20 years feels so nice and comfortable. Homey. I feel energized inside. I.am.HAPPY.

Plus, PLUS we went swimming at Jeannine's last night and at the aunties' apartment tonight, AND we were fed BOTH nights. I just might explode. Not to mention, Hab' cleaned all the millions of empty boxes and bags of crap out of the basement. Seriously. It was the "Make Jenny Happy" weekend.

LOVE to the dearest friends a girl could ever dream of & Fort' July, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Jeeny! It's hard for a mom to take a time out.

miss you. (yesterday, I was in the back of the church and bumped into one of your many friends, she wanted to know if you were coming this summer.)


elizabeth said...

Happy you are happy.

Love to you - and may your Fort' July be full of happy.