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Friday, July 6, 2012

i'm in my head

i don't know.
aren't there times when you just need to talk? to set free some of the crazies and funnies and questions and observations?  it doesn't always happen at the appropriate times...i had a client tonight, and i wished she could just set back and listen to me.  but you know what, you guys?  she totally is paying me to do her hair & not necessarily to be my sounding board.  or maybe we could have jumped into some wonderful conversations, but there is this line that should not be crossed in the effort of being professional.

oh man.  and you know what else?  i'm sort of in the mood to toot my own horn.  i think that i am actually super stressed out and being a little mean in my self talk and i have a plan to start easing the stress, but it takes time to actualize.  and i have that sort of constipation of action or paralysis when something big is about to happen.  like i said the other day, i am 'right there' but can't quite reach.  anyway, i think i'm wanting to speak about my strengths because i am feeling like a crappity mcbadderson, seeking a little respite from my inner brat.

oh my goodness.  what if someone was searching and searching for a unique name for their baby and they picked crappity.  shoot.  poor kid!  aaaaanyhoo...

if you are local, come and get your hair done on saturday.  i have plenty of openings.  also, i am running a special: during the week of july 4th, all services are doubled.  no, you don't get more, i just charge double.  listen, i told you about that plan of action.  i need some green up in here yo. daaaaang.

and stuff, so.
did you go away for the holiday? we stayed in and enjoyed our a/c.
i might go up and enjoy my pillow and the a/c at the same time.  serious multi-tasker in da house!

incase i haven't said it enough lately,
PEACE and LOVE to you, and you, and you!!!


Gram said...

So many little treasures in there to make me smile. Especially that Crappitty McBadderson. I know exactly the feeling, so I should be qualified to use it, right..as long as I give you the credit? :)

Jan said...

I would so love to come get my hair cut, even if I had to pay double, if it was at all feasible for me to get to you. How about I pay triple, and you come here today? I am in need of a cut and style, and my stylist moved far away.
Plus we could visit. And I could listen, and we could cross the client/pro lines. In a good way.
Sending you love, my friend. And don't shit on yourself today.

ethiopifinn said...

Jan! I was like, yeah, it would be so great, and then...GAFFAW! I will be nice ;)

Gram, you can totally use Crappity!

Anonymous said...

That one must've been fun to write:) -jr

Julie said...

Giggling over here. Love the great deal! And I think I stole your crappity title now, so you must be feeling better.

Julie said...
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MindiJo said...

I would also pay triple to have you cut my hair. 'Specially after the last one. Hmmph.

elizabeth said...

I want to come visit you - and I will pay double and you can cut my hair - and you can talk all you want. In fact, if you ever want to talk and set free some of the crazies, come talk to me! I have a phone and an ear. Or Skype. I think I wrote a post saying this earlier. I said email, but I was thinking that people who might know my number could call me and do the same thing. Love you and your plan!

ethiopifinn said...

e-i just saw this comment right now!
thank you, love. i am so glad you got to pamper your sweet self a bit. i would love to see your hair and the wonderful woman who grows it.