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Monday, July 9, 2012


I love make up. I love black eyeliner. I love glitter. But. I don't really wear it. Once in a blue moon I'll slap some on for work, but mostly, it sits in my cute make-up bag.

Tonight I saw suvi grab something from the hall closet. I'm preoccupied with garage sale prep and didn't feel like investigating what she got into. Then, Theo came with puppy dog eyes to find me. Suvi had started coloring a drawing of Lego Thor WITH BLACK GLITTERY EYELINER.

I am tapped out with pricing things (people will take one look at the kajillion baby clothes and scamper back down the driveway) and about to get going on drawing another Lego Thor. Wahoo!

You'd think I'd learn something from this, but I will choose to just chuckle instead.

'k. Love yaguys!

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