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Saturday, August 4, 2012

bear hugs

tonight i got a jaw-dropping text message.  it was a picture of a bear my sister gave to my dear sweet friend. about 25 years ago.
that sweet fluffy goldenness is her 'doodle, roscoe.
i've had my bear out for a year or two, in hopes my kids would fall in love with it.  they really don't seem to care about this teddy bear my sis shirley made.  she was selling them back in the day.  they are such nice bears, i told her not too long ago she should start an etsy shop and make them again.  but she doesn't listen to me because i am not the boss of her.  apparently.

a couple of weeks ago my darling smart and generous nephew kev climbed up on our roof to fix up a few shingles.  pretty sure the six he put up are better than the whole rest of the roof!  he was a perfectionist from day one.  he was like, oh, you have chickenpox when you are 9? well, i am 6 weeks old.  i'm going to get chicken pox, too.  and then when he went to kindergarten, or maybe first grade, he came home to tell his mom, mari, that he needed to get some new clothes.  why? well, because his teacher told him he was the best dressed kid in the class. he'd worn all of his new clothes once already.  and his room...it was so neat and orderly even when he was a teenager.  i always wanted to go in there and mess it up a little.  anyhoo, thanks kevi.  sorry the porkchops got a little dry.

and these two beauties? yes, i love them so so so so so much.  the one on the right is the owner of the blue bear up top. and my friend through thick and thin for 27 years.  hey, jr, the anniversary of my move next door to you (not counting lenny's, since we just ran across his driveway) is this month. i'll never forget that walk up your loooooong driveway (we moved from NE minneapolis out to the burbs) and how i loved  letting myself in through the garage all those years.  you are 'home' to me, my dear!

suvi was tha-rilled last week: we got to watch my niece's two girls. this little blondie here is about 6 weeks older than judah, and her baby sister turns one this month.  it was soooo fun to have them over!

taking advantage of a warm summer evening to enjoy our olympic pool.  olympic because it is the size of the yellow ring in that olympics symbol.

judey and dad.
and tonight after his haircut.


Anonymous said...

Maybe I shoulda had you bring your shears. And I wonder why I don't remember your bear. So cute. Thanks for the lovely visit. I wish I could've seen more of you! I was so exhausted this week I'm already telling myself I can't do it next summer. So you'll have to come this way. Or we could meet! Xoxo -jr

ethiopifinn said...

I am probably due to come that way...

elizabeth said...

Hahaha! You and Amy should talk. She used to mess my couch cushions because she said they were too neat. I was always organizing her stuff and when I'd get mad at her for being too messy and unorganized when we were little, she said there was no point in organizing because I'd just do it over again after her. ;)

ethiopifinn said...

i knew there was a deep connection with that sister of yours!

MindiJo said...

SQUEEEEEEEEE! That haircut is presh!!!!

And I'm glad that your husband knows a thing or two about good football. :)