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Friday, August 31, 2012

i'm learning

last week i met this kid at parker's lake for a stroll and a pose
he's just got the sweetest face.

the week before i was at the depot with this lovely young thing.
there are so many ways to go with an edit...

i just love those jumping photos, so i asked her to go for it
so fun, right?
and here's what jb did when i suggested he jump off the bench.  awesome smile.
and i love that he just jumped right down, ack!  it cracks me up...only his hand in focus.  i'm learning how important it is to give thorough instructions.

here he is when i was getting stung by bees. i am sure his ma and dad will get this framed, life-size in their living room.  this area was blocked off with yellow caution tape.  we couldn't see any reason why, until i sat down on the bench.  three bees caught me, at least one got jimmy on the noggin'.

it takes me a little bit of warm up time to get the feel of my camera.  i realized it was very difficult for me to arrange a meeting at the right time of day.  if i get another chance to do more portraits, i'll be sure to choose a softer light.  in fact, i invited this feller to meet me in the evening tomorrow for a minute & a few close-ups.  wish me luck!


wishing you a happy friday.


Gram said...

I do love that (first) jump!

Anonymous said...

How fun for you Jenny:) the pictures are great. -jr

Anonymous said...

Hey, that's our nephew! I forgot he's a senior this year. Where does the time go?? Patti I.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to tell you I really like your pictures! Patti I.

ethiopifinn said...

P, I was even thinking of you when I was posting his pictures. He's just so cute & my Theo thinks he is reallllly cool :)