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Thursday, August 23, 2012


On my way home from work tonight I was getting worked up, feeling alone and stressed, thinking really dark: I had a serious badditude.  I felt my lower lip starting to power down, shoulders slumping. By the time I made it to my chair in the living room, I was a regular sad sack. Of course my sweet husband noticed I had my frowny face on, of course he tended to me. Of course he turned my frown upside down.  Thank you, sugar booger, for the RESET!

And then, and then, with my back to the news, I heard something wonderful: Allegiant Air will be flying to St Cloud. Sa-WEET!

Enjoy your Friday. Hope you find your reset if you need it.

Peace and Joy!

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Anonymous said...

Allegiant Air???? The same one that flies to Dee?