LOVE has come for you.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Before I forget...

Yesterday, I heard a man say, "you accept as much love as you believe you deserve."  It makes so very much sense to me. So when I am feeling blue, or dark and down on myself, it doesn't matter how much love is being sent my way. My receptors are blocked. Like battery connectors? Just pour a little coca cola on 'em to clean 'em up?

When sorting through piles of randomness in my kitchen, I found many lovely cards from my beautiful friends. Lib, Jan, Ann, Nancy, Dee...thank you.  Your notes and sentiments brightened my day when they arrived, and again yesterday when my receptors were cleaned.



Anonymous said...

wow. That quote is powerful. So true. Well, my receptors may be corroded, but they ain't dead yet. Love you, chicka!
~ann b.

MindiJo said...

Love that quote. Makes me wonder, tho. Say (hypothetically speaking) you were to fish for compliments. Does that mean that you aren't getting enough love, then?

ethiopifinn said...

Ah, shoot. Lost my whole comment.

Ann, me thinks you battery has a life time warranty. Thanks for all the encouragement, especially lately.

Mindi, you are looking super fine, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Recently I found a special card in the drawer, too. And it carried me through many days. It is good to save those cards.


PS. Did Theo start Kindergarden?

MindiJo said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I do so love you, my friend.

ethiopifinn said...

B, he starts today. Gulp. How 'bout micahdoo?

Anonymous said...

He started. He LOVES it. I didn't cry. YET.