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Monday, September 3, 2012

sunday, sunday, sunday

a little distance gives great perspective.
so does cleaning off all the flat suffaces/clutter collectors.

my almost kindergartener has been limping around the house over the weekend.  sigh.  my sister says "growing pains" and the doc doesn't believe in growing pains.  when that same sister got married, her husband and our mom were on different ends of the political spectrum.  she couldn't decide which candidate would get her vote since her two biggest influences could not agree.  she told them she wouldn't vote til they were on the same side of the aisle.  is there something like that for mother's(/auntie's) intuition and doctor's opinion? ;)

this is the third sunday in as many days.  i didn't work on saturday, and the habinator didn't work today, so i am all sorts of week-day confused!  yeah, it is a super sweet problem.  i like it!!

happy back to school to all the school types. 



Gram said...

No such thing as growing pains?! C,MON....try rubbing alcohol...just splash it on & rub it in...it also works for restless legs syndrome.

Jan said...

I believe in growing pains.
Sadie gets them, and she is tall!

ethiopifinn said...

Alright. That is three moms against one doctor.
We're going with growing pains.