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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fried Rice

after we took theo to meet his teacher last week, we had lunch out.  he picked fried rice.  i, however, had sesame chicken AND fried rice.  i know.  it is exciting.  
the thing i wanted to share with you today is... i laugh at my husband's expense. his sunglasses sort of float over his bald head.   it makes me giggle.  or maybe the nose pads look like feet.  i like it.  he's my SUGAR BOOGER!!


MindiJo said...

Mmmmhmmmm. Wait. What? He's wearing sunglasses? I didn't notice. Must have been too busy looking at him looking at his kids. Look at that adoration in his eyes! You are a lucky lady. HHC. (I totally know you weren't actually laughing at his expense. You were totally bragging, weren't you? Well. You should.)

And, did you save any of that sesame chicken AND fried rice for me? I had leftover chicken on a salad. It went down like wet yarn. Blech. Not in the mood for food. Wait. What? What's wrong with me? OH. Maybe it's the afternoon snack of chocolate chips cookies that left me feeling not hungry. Heh. I guess my mom was right- it will ruin my appetite.

Jan said...

Ron always calls it flied lice.