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Sunday, September 9, 2012

two heads are better than one

Today my husband was sharing some observations he has made about Theo.  Completely spot-on understanding of how Theo works.  In that moment I was humbled, because I feel that I know my children better than anyone.  I'm the Mommy and I have to know.  I was also thankful- for my husband, for his keen perception, for his love for our children.  He is a thinker, while I am a reactor.  I loved that Hab could show me more of our son.  This marriage thing, this parenting thing, Habtamu is so good for me.

Tomorrow Theo has a follow-up appointment at the pediatrician.  Saturday afternoon Habtamu brought him to the ER at the UofM Children's.  Theo was barely able to get to the bathroom on his own, his legs and hips were so sore.  They went to the weekend walk-in clinic first; the doctor there sent them straight across the street to the hospital.  There the amazing crew had so many tests and monitors going so quickly...I am thankful Daddy was the one who brought him in.  I would have been so freaked out.

Theo had been up nearly all night Friday.  I went to work on about an hour of sleep.  So by 2:30 when I got back home from work, I could not even think.  I had expected Theo to improve after he slept a bit, thinking it was exhaustion causing him to be so uncomfortable.  He was actually napping, but we decided it would be better to get in somewhere sooner with him being tired, than later and having to wait in line.

They were gone about 5 hours.  I was a wreck.  I wanted to save my worrying for when I knew what it was I should worry about, but for a few minutes, tears and lumps in my throat were stronger than my will.  Suvi climbed up on the top bunk to pat my shoulder.  "Theo will be okay, Mommy."  I knew I had to be done with that kind of emotion, I didn't want to scare Suvi, or put her in the care-taker roll.  She is such a dear, dear girl.  A huge heart.  We watched a movie, took Judah outside...and waited.

The initial tests were inconclusive.  Tomorrow we will go to see Dr Rabinovich to discuss the rest of the results.  Theo has inflammation in his joints-especially hips and knees.  There is some sort of infection, and that is what we hope to learn more about tomorrow.  He is in a lot of pain, although he has a stronger than ibuprofen to help with that and reduce the inflammation.  The hospital gave him a little bear, a beanie baby, to show him how they were going to draw blood.  He got to bring the bear home.  Tonight when I was tucking him in, he named the bear: "Fluffy. Is that a good name, Mom?" Yes, indeed!

I decided to skip Sunday School and church this morning.  He probably could have gone, but I just didn't have it in me to make him limp all the way to a pew, or ride in a stroller.  Theo is a perfectionist, as Habtamu pointed out, and is embarassed by the limping.  He loves school.  While he was definitely nervous to start, he was more concerned about starting his Kindergarten in less than perfect working order.  Seriously SO amazing, is my boy.  Our boy.

MEANWHILE...It is Ethiopian New Year!  The aunties invited us (and Gram, too, but she had a date with her own siblings:) for a late lunch to celebrate.  They have an indoor pool in their apartment complex, but we left the suits at home today to eliminate any extra stress.  The food was so nice; of course there was coffee.  If you are new here,  Ethiopians have a tradition of roasting fresh coffee beans, offering the aromatic smoke to the family, then boiling the coffee in a decorated clay pot. Often spices are added...cloves and more that escape me!  It is super strong.  I have to make mine with equal parts coffee and milk PLUS sugar. It's good, though, and reminds me of coffee in Finland. 

With the coffee roasting, there is a lot of smoke.  I am not sure if the incense is used to combat the smell, or enhance it.  Never the less, there is a lot of aroma and smoke going on.  

playing in the sunbeam and smoke
maybe he was playing superhero


suvi jumped up on the couch to hug her brother.  she loves him AND the camera.  before he went to meet his teacher on wednesday, she hugged him. "i'm going to miss you. tell me everything when you get home."

sweet LOVE.


MindiJo said...

Oh, gosh. I hope that you get your answers today. And I hope that they are good answers. Easy answers. I hope your little guy is feeling better soon. I understand what you are going through, my friend. ((HUGGAS)) (like my friend Amy says)

Your sweet little Suvi has a sweet little heart. And I'm so glad that you have your HH to give you insight that maybe you missed. I totally get that, too. Sometimes Zane, or even one of my sisters, will comment about the kids. And I'll totally be amazed that I, as their mother, didn't catch that. It's a strange feeling. I think sometimes it is easier to see something for what it is when you are removed from the situation for periods of time. Like, the work week.

And the coffee experience sounds wonderful! You are so lucky that you get to experience another culture so closely. You lucky lady. Happy Ethiopian New Year to you and yours! I hope it's a fabulous one.

MindiJo said...

Oh. And. I love the look of the blog. Winnah!

Anonymous said...

well, busy start off to the school year, huh? Hope Mister Theo's aches are gone soon, and this will just be a little blip in time. I know sister Suvi will help him out and give him (and you!) lots of loving. Be strong, Mama Bear. Let us know what's up.
~ann b.

mella said...

2 heads + a whole lotta ♥!
sending love to you all

Sue said...

Our 5 yr old has had similar issues with the joints. Does he run a fever at all with the pain? We have run to so many specialists hoping for answers and have come up empty. She did this when she was 14 mos old and again last fall, each episode lasted about 6 weeks. By the time we got in with the rheumatology Drs, the pain had subsided. The only thing we have been told is that it sounds like an autoimmune issue and to bring her back when it happens again. So scary to see an active child lying around unable to walk. Good luck...hugs to you!

Leanne said...

Oh no! I don't like that news about Theo at all! Not one bit. Okay. Keep us posted. In the meantime, I'll be praying for the inflammation to go down and for some answers. Poor boy. Poor mama. Hugs to you!

ethiopifinn said...

He is doing well, hardly a detectable limp, slight hip pain, but his knees are looking & feeling so much better. Our Doc is waiting on a few more test results, but no lymes and no strep. Sue, he mentioned (the dr) that it could be autoimmune or allergy related. He wants to understand what is going on before he refers theo to rheumatology, which I like.
Theo was bummed to miss school today. So glad he is going tomorrow.

Thank you, everyone, for the encouragement and well wishes. Your love and support are as much appreciated as they are needed!

Sue said...

Melea's symptoms are fever that doesn't quit, fatigue to the point of listlessness, stomach and leg pain, white bloodcount goes way up, and unable to walk, or limps. I carried her for a whole month last year because she was too weak/sick to walk. Theo sounds like maybe something different. Glad he is doing better and was able to go to school.

Anonymous said...

Oh Theo! (and Mom!) I was going to say Lymes, but then I read your comment. We will be thinking of him and hoping for the best.


~ Jennifer J. said...

Oh, poor Theo! (And you.) I hope you get some answers soon. So scary and frustrating waiting for them to come... Sending out big hugs to you!

Suvi is so sweet telling him she'll miss him.

Brita said...

Thinking of you!

Becca said...

Jenny, been thinking of you and your Theo...

elizabeth said...

Oh, Theo and Mom! I am hoping he is feeling much much better.

Isn't it Jewish New Year about now too? Ethiopian New Year sounds like it is around the same time. Happy New Year to all of you!! (Personally, September seems like the best time for a new year because after all the years of school starting, it seems like the beginning of a new year still.)

Tara said...

I love the different little stories in this post and hope all Is ok with Theo. You have a beautiful family in so many different ways. Very sweet.