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Monday, October 8, 2012

A day--make that--A minute in the life of this Ma

Well, there is really no pretty way to share this story.
Come back later if you are snacking or eating at all.

Still here?
So I was sitting in the "library" nearly done with my "book" when Judah came in.
"Poop!" He announced.
"Yep, Jude, Mommy is going potty."
"Is poop gross, Judey?"
He proceded to get his nose as close as possible to the bowl.
"Okay. Back up, Judah."
At this point he grabbed the roll of toilet paper, tore of a square and attempted to put it in the toilet.

Meanwhile, the 5 year old was coloring on the wall in the dining room and Suvi was eating her beans.

I know there is going to be a day very soon when I'll miss things like this.  Things like my 2 year old telling me that my poop stinks and offering some toilet tissue to help out.  Things like art on the walls and beans with pinchy rice (wild rice).  Things like, "Mom! Mom! MAAHHHM-ah! Watch this truck.  Isn't this truck cool?"

Someday I will be hard pressed to get them to spend any time at all with their ol' Ma, so for now, I'll take what I get and I won't throw a fit.

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Anonymous said...

I thought we had to be 70 to discuss our bowels? I see I'm behind, so let me share a little story.......
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

Laughing over here......


elizabeth said...

Helen is always getting grossed out by me because I am happy to discuss this sort of thing. Like when the naturopath or doctor want to discuss bowel movements, I am happy to do it. I find it interesting. Once, I called Amy to tell her something related that I found very interesting and I knew she would appreciate it too. Katherine thought we were weird. ;)