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Monday, December 31, 2012

happy, friendly, sunshiney

the cd player in my kitchen radio magically started working today after a few friendly taps. DON WILLIAMS in da haaaaaaus! it was a gift from my friend.

i'm happy about that.
my friend moved back home here from 2 1/2 years of living in warm climate. she's freezing her booty off.
i'm happy she's here. and she might have to stock up on pocket warmers and long underwear.
my friend is very persistant and doesn't like to let me be a hermit. she keeps asking me to go to the couples' party coming up.
i'm so happy she doesn't give up on me.

i like how brits pronounce salty:  'saultee'. feels sort of like a celebration, doesn't it. right.

um, one thing, tho. guys? how do i go about creating a schedule? aiyaiyaiiiiiieeeeee!
 and because banjos make me happy...

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Anonymous said...

§he sounds like a keeper of a friend. The couples party sounds like fun. We will be up north but I wanted to go.