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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

I am getting started scheduling this life of mine.

This, Simply Clean Living, is the very first google search result that I clicked on. I went ahead and printed her four week cleaning schedule.
Next I bumped into flylady.net, where I actually got a little verklempt, choked up. It seems I have some emotion tied to this new path. Wow.

it just seems like a lot of time decicated to cleaning. now i 'll have to follow a schedule for a few weeks to see how i will make it my own, and find where i can schedule my time to create a little bit of color in my days.


My Mom invited us over for lunch today.  As we walked in the house, I said, "It smells like a Grandma's house in here!"  She made roast beef, potatoes, carrots, fruit soup and rice pudding, with salad and some great crusty sourdough bread.  Soooooo nice.

I made her some pocket warmers to put in her mittens because her fingers get so cold. It's pinned here.
A sweet and cozy gift: DIY Pocket Warmers. or you can go to fellowfellow and see for yourself.

We came home to watch The Lorax which was based on a Dr. Seuss book.


is it bedtime yet?

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Jan said...

Hmm, you may have inspired me to give FlyLady another try. A number of years ago I looked at it, but it overwhelmed me.
I will start with the clean sink. I think.
Keep us posted on how it works for you...