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Friday, December 28, 2012


because the words 'goal setting', 'targeted goal', 'intended outcome', 'resolutions', 'new year's resolutions', freak me out a little bit. but  i am ready to set some goals & make some sort of vision board. here is the first image going up on my Life Be Like board:
in the black.

i want to do more sewing and creating in general. i think it is time for me to make a daily schedule, so i can be sure i know what i am supposed to be doing and where and when. this loosey goosey style i have mastered has left me wanting more structure and falling short of my un-named goals. 

nothing changes until something changes.

i'm going to keep score. i'm going to make myself a score board. so when one of my visions, hopes, dreams, GOALS for 2013 materializes, i can say, 'SCORE!' and then, Life Be Like, so good to me!

What is going to make you shout "SCORE!!!"?


Gram said...

You really got me thinking. I'll let you know :-)

Anonymous said...

Darling Dave Ramsey. LOVE THAT MAN.


MindiJo said...

I totally love a good new years resolution. And yet, it slipped my mind. I'll think of some kind of scoreboard before I get to my new home. I'll have hours in the car, you know.