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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I suppose bread, wine, & cheese...

on Christmas Eve, I asked, "what is it like in Bethlehem? what do they eat there?"
"maybe it's the Mediterranean diet," my hubs suggested. sounds good to me!
we were eating lasagna, which had cheese in it, and bread, but we did not have wine. i actually thought about perhaps opening one of the bottles of Ethiopian wine we received from a guest last year when our Ayat was here. but we're sort of diet Coke snobs. i make no excuses. instead we drank tea and water. i'd still like to know what people ate, you know, the ones who actually got a room, on that first Christmas Eve. sweet Baby Jesus about to arrive, and we were eating...
well. i am my mother's daughter. if you meet her, she might discuss a meal plan with you. she likes that kind of wild talk.

earlier in the day suvi and theo made cookies for Santa.
she loves a good cookie. and a good photo op.
gram gave the kids some gifts. judah is in love with his 'little people' house.

theo woke us up this morning around 7:24 (ha, ha). as i was putting on my shoes to head downstairs with him, i thought about sending a message to my friend in finland. we were instant messaging around 1 a.m. when i couldn't sleep and she was starting her Christmas morning with her family. i was wanting to ask what they were up to after my five hour nap. ;)
he was pleased with his batman thingy, and the other crap santa brought him. what? it's so fun to pick stuff out for them, watch them light up as they discover a new treasure, but i am not good and moving old toys out. which means we got a lot o crapola under this roof! ha!

we were able to make it to dassel to share the day and a meal with my mom, my sisters and much of their families. the drive went so fast for me today! i was thankful for the dry roads, for our safety and comfort. also because that meant i basically had an hour to load my new purse, play with my camera, kick butt in Angry Birds...i like a good sunshiney Christmas morning drive!
my sister is married to a farmer, dontcha know. they live 11 miles from downtown cokato. if you go north at the light, turn left when you see these huge power lines. 
number 6 and number 2

number 4 and my mama

number 1, suvi's god-mother, and my handsome nephew #2

my number one, tooth-dangler of a first born. 
did you know that i am the only one of my siblings to have 2 boys? all 4 of my sisters and my brother john each have one son. katie, shirley, and mari have girls, too, but i am the queen with 2 boys. just a nice little bit of trivia for you to enjoy with your coffee this morning.

i hope your Christmas was peaceful and happy. i hope you have the comfort of knowing and believing in the grace gift of the promised Son of God. my heart is often so weary, but Christmastime fills me with joy and reassurance. 
   Joy to the world, The Lord is Come!

and because i love THIS version of this song, a little bare naked ladies.

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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! Fun memories with your family for your kids. Those are the good times.