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Thursday, December 20, 2012


Theo is 6 years old today.

He was the cutest of cute, right?

earlier this year

and today post cake, during homework, prior to his 1:03 bus.
he asked if anyone was coming over today. because it is his birthday. and really, he would like more gifts. because, ahem, the four lego sets and one spiderman web attack car he already received was not, so it seems, enough. ;)

and his ham of a sister who gets to be four for three more months. 

if you've been visiting my blog for at least 3 years, you might remember that suvi liked to stand behind me in the computer chair when i went online.  she still tries to squeeze in behind me, but she's too tall to stand comfortably, so she sits. on my butt ledge. and it hurts my back and my butt and i have to be quite forceful to get that girl out of my chair. i do like being snuggly with her, but as i told her today, "You are too big to share this chair with Mama now, Suvi. There isn't enough room! Get down."  She did NOT get out and asked, "What is a 'froom', tho', Mom?! I don't know what a 'froom' is!"

Suvi. You make me laugh. Thank you for that! E-nough ROOM. not a froom. enough room.


Anonymous said...

fun sharings! theo is so handsome and yes, suvi is quite the ham! It can only come from his mother....watch out for future moonings!
~ann b.

Julie said...

Haha! Froom. :)

Happy birthday, Theo!

Sloppy Sara said...

Happy Birthday Theo!