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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

blog? what blog?


yes, i am.
(i love this pic because you can see suvi's reflection in the tv-our photog)

i am this self-centered.

and today, this very morning,
i. am. thankful.
thankful for excedrine migraine and peppermint oil.
a hot shower with eucalyptus,
and earl grey lavender tea.
and back-combing and hairspray and kids who don't tell me to settle down my crazy hairdo. i'm thankful for all of that!

peace. school resumed yesterday.
sunday school resumed this week as well, but we missed it.  i overslept my alarm because i was up in the night with judah-washing sheets and blankies and pillows.  eew. he's fine tho'.
this little icy spot is in my front garden.  the weather was mild yesterday, so we had a bit of a melt and drip situation.


Anonymous said...

OOPSIE! that made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Peace! MR. Theo is a dandy.


Gram said...

Love the hugs & smiles. Relating well here to excedrin, peppermint and hot shower. Sometimes it works. I love tosselled hair. Is that a word?

elizabeth said...

Oopsie! Hehehe.

How do you use eucalyptus in the shower? I've tried dropping a few drops on the back of the shower, but the smell goes away too soon.

ethiopifinn said...

elizabeth, i just do a couple of shakes on the far shower wall (that doesn't get a direct hit of water)...maybe you get used to it?