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Monday, January 28, 2013

Fast approaching...

With February fast approaching, I've decided to take a little break.  It might only last a few days, or maybe longer, but Ethiopifinn is going to be taking a nap during blogging hours.
If you'd like to reminisce with me, scroll through some of these posts of Februaries past.

I hope you'll continue to visit my favorite blogs over there on the right! Good reading, inspiration, and images.

Happy early Groundhogs Day!



Jan said...

You preggo? just wondering about the needing naps and all...

Anonymous said...

I will miss you, friend......come back soon.


Julie said...

Haha! Jan just puts it out there. I hear you. I'm barely getting on blogs this winter. Time is a factor but I'm actually hibernating with the groundhog, too. (It's cozy down here.)