LOVE has come for you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

of life, of love

i have a new understanding of life, of love.
it's true what they say, love is blind.
blinding would be truer yet.

when you love someone, so many of the faults seem to fade. our vision is clouded with emotion and expectation and romanticism.

my heart is breaking as i am seeing changes, natural, expected changes, in one of my loves. she is aging.

and time. this life has wheels! the further along we get on this path, the faster time moves. time is a gigantic slide! it's a sister to love.

love cannot be divided. it only grows.

happy valentine's day!


MindiJo said...

Gosh, I hate the fact that I know that the people I love are not invincible.

But, love. Oh, what a beautiful thing! It makes life worth living.

Anonymous said...

I love your background.

I I love your aging loved one. It hurts to see them age.


Brita said...

So glad you're back. I checked your blog an embarassing amount of times during your absence.

This post is wonderful. Bug hugs to you.

Julie said...

I love love. And I'm glad you're back. Your drawings and insights are pretty awesome, you know.

elizabeth said...

It is hard to watch loved ones age. I saw silver hairs on Atlas's chin the other week and I was so sad, I wanted to un-silver them, as if that would help.

I was reading something, what was it .. Oh, a quote in a book about Audrey Hepburn from her last love. He was speaking at an event a few years after her death and he said that someone told him that eventually the joy of having her would be greater than the pain at her passing. That he was not there yet, but that he felt like the weight of the pain was a beautiful reminder of how much love there was. I have been thinking about that with Atlas, and worry, and how my feelings when I think about him aging are a reminder of how much I adore him.