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Thursday, February 28, 2013

water is refreshing enough

Wednesday was rough for me this week.
I could NOT find my sunglasses when I was driving to the Wild West for Suvi's preschool.  I was squinting and in pain because it was bright. BA-RIGHT, people.  After preschool, there was a little craziness birthday party.  Since we live a long ways away, I planned to stay and help with the party.  There were about 100, okay 12, birthday partiers. Giggly, happy 4 & 5 year olds.  They are just.so.cute.  But, BUT, I couldn't help. I sat on the couch like a tired lump/princess.
By the time we got home, I could feel a headache starting. Then the upset stomach. I talked to the Hubbinator at 4:30, feeling optimistic that my symptoms were subsiding. By 4:36 I was in my bed with the covers pulled up to my eyebrows.  I should have taken some pain reliever before I napped.  It was around 9 when I was able to eat a little supper. (The pasty is all gone now, Mama.)  Sigh.
Last week I had read some article about aspartame  I like myself some diet Coke, you see, but decided to see how long I could go without it. You know what? Tuesday night I had a little, maybe 6 oz, and then more in the morning.
The headache could be coincidental, just my monthly hormonal hallelujah, or it could be from the POISON sody pop to which  I am addicted. I am feeling much better today, just working on drinking agua, eating fiber, and no nitrates (curse you, bacon!) and no diet coke (waaaaaah!).

Do you have any aspartame experiences?

wishing you wellness!


Jessica said...

Hmmm... I quit drinking diet dew a few months ago after (like you) reading an article about aspartame. I thought I would quit aspartame when I started showing symptoms, but the article said you would be 90% damaged before showing outward signs of cognitive problems. If you just need a diet coke you could try diet rite (diet rite cherry cola is VERY good). It has sucralose, still not great for you but it's not aspartame.

Yvonne said...

um i think so. something in the diet Coke threw off the balance of my bladder lining...long story.
i still drink diet coke but not every day.
it was hard to give up totally and i decided it was the carbination (sp) i craved.
when the urogyne asks in his evaluation of your systems: do you use sugar substitutes? i knew this was the root cause AFTER i quit it.

Sharyn said...

hormonal hallelujah. HAA! I've never heard or thought to call it that.

MindiJo said...

Oh, yes. Aspartame gives me memory fog. I can't remember anything. Wait. What did you ask?

ethiopifinn said...

Yvonne, my sister said diet dew gave her a leaky bladder. I feel like I have less control when I am drinking diet coke regularly.

Jess, I have been thinking about your fb post for a while. I do feel better when I am off dc. My legs get achy...

Mindi- oh man, and I thought it was motherhood that put me in the fog!

Yvonne said...

my issues weren't of that nature, but a constant pressure/pain.

elizabeth said...

I cut out Diet Coke once. I think because I was cutting out artificial sweeteners? That must be it. Anyway, didn't drink it for a few years. I started having the occasional can of it (though I drink a can in 2-4 days) and would feel strangely afterward. Heart weirdness, I think. It puzzled me for a while, until I made the connection. I still drink Diet things every once in a while and don't notice anything now, but it was pretty interesting at the time.