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Saturday, March 2, 2013

I call dibs!

Hair Peace.

That has got to be the name of my someday salon.  At the door shall be a sign which reads WELCOME. Then, somewhere-maybe near the coat racks, a sign that reads We are happy you are here today. Thank you for turning down your phone and your politics. 

What do you think? Too pushy?

Alright. So maybe there was a little, shall we say, incident today. I'm working on letting it go and humbling my mouthy self. So thankful there is Grace sufficient for the likes of me.

Good-night, my friends!

(come on, tho. Hair Peace. It's FUNNY.  {{wink}} )


Carol said...

I love the name - If I were the one that won the lottery I'd build a new salon for you quick before someone else uses it!

ethiopifinn said...

Thanks Carol! I love that kind of "what if..."!

Julie said...

Catchy name! I like it. And my mega dose steroids (for illness, not weight-lifting (I'm not sure why I felt the need to clarify)) have been making me one heck of a combative, attitude-filled lady... so I hear you on the Grace sufficient. We are all so lucky. <3

Gram said...

Great name! And I'm seeing a toupee for your logo. When we were in Arkansas I got my hair cut at the CURL UP & DYE salon.

ethiopifinn said...

Gram-that is fantastic!
I saw you from across the way on Sunday :)

Julie. BAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAA! Weight lifting could be fun ;)

elizabeth said...

Hahaha! I LIKE it!