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Friday, March 8, 2013


they say tuesday is the most productive day of the week.  i was feeling all fired up and organized this morning, patting myself on the back for my pep. then, then...dun dun dunnnn... i opened a whole other can of worms: my pocketbook.
if you are ever wondering about how i am doing, like, all fronts down, really truly doing, take a gander in my purse or my car.  if you see a tornado, you'll know things are pretty much a stressfest between the ears.
suvi and judah have been coughing for at least 3 weeks now. it seems to be getting better, then they get another wave. someone has been up in the night nearly every night. i am exhausted. and when i am tired, i start to fret about everything. i would like to be on a 70º beach, with some shades (my sunnies are lost), a liter of water, and time to soak it in. oh, and an organized bag stocked with cash-to-the-o-l-a.
for lunch i would like a burito-the kind i had with melanie in santa barbara.
after perusing some artsy, crafty, cool shops, i will take a book into that hammock hanging in the sun. i will meet my family for an early supper, where everyone eats a heaping pile of veggies happily, followed by a walk on the beach, finding treasures. once the kids are effotlessly in bed, the hubs and i will watch a movie in the beach-facing living-room.
and did i say there will be no whining? not even from the kids?

now that i had my little break with reality, i hope i can get back into that productivity high.
i *am* thankful for this sunshiney day.


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elizabeth said...

I wonder if I have a stress tell. Huh. Thinking. I wish I could ask Atlas.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and grant you your vacation. Then I would join you on a nearby hammock.