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Saturday, March 9, 2013

MUCH needed

Judah got a much need haircut this week.

Suvi asked, as she does everyday when I am leaving for work, to go with me to the salon.  I had a later start today, my first client being my Mom.  Suvi got her wish! And Theo wanted to come along. Probably because he was hoping there would be candy involved.  He got his wish! (There are no more Hair*Do Palooza chocolates left)  As we were getting our coats on to head out, Judah had a very mournful look on his little face. "I sad."  I knew he didn't want to be left out.  Again.  But there was no way I could have him running around the salon for an hour.  "The kids are getting haircuts, Judah.  Do you want a haircut?"
Big sigh. "No."

He HATES getting his haircut.  He just bawls and bawls and fights and tries to get away.  I actually have to hold him down with one hand and try cut with the other.  It is a major work out.  Theo was a champ at getting his haircuts by this age.  Judah is his own man.  If you've seen him lately, you know his hair was looking a bit raggedy. He's so handsome now.  My baby boy is growing up!

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Gram said...

I can't IMAGINE cutting off those curls.