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Friday, March 15, 2013


  • we have had coughs for 4 weeks.
  • it started a day or two after i got lost going to waconia.
  • coincidence?
  • judes upchucked this morning. twice.
  • i found an empty milk cup in his room.
  • it smelled sour.
  • i am hoping this is the cause of the chuck-problem.
  • theo is off school today
  • he is sealing himself off in his room to avoid any puke germs.
  • hack-hack.
  • the hubbinator was ticked this morning.
  • he was STILL coughing and it started raining.
  • he takes the bus to work.
  • we still have snow on the ground.
  • my kids want to play outside.
  • it's too wet.
  • i tried a different company to make a photo book this morning.
  • i used a groupon.
  • i filled it with my photos from instagram.  
  • have a fantastic weekend.
  • but especially a Happy St Urho's Day on Saturday.

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