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Monday, March 18, 2013

seven fishes

he's six, and still a moving target.

today, during homework time, i was especially tickled with the way Theo drew his fish. i would have most certainly made the simple fish symbol.
and since i could, i colored mine in. :)
this is theo's math homework: story problems. in kindergarten. i know.

and then i remembered this painting he brought home recently.  the kids' fishies were hanging in the hall by the kindergarten rooms.  so colorful and fun. and why his fish didn't end up looking like an infinity/Jesus fish.

he wanted to show his aunty Squishy the lizard, so i'll put it on facebook, too.

I LOVE you Theo! But you WILL have to get a haircut. It is starting to get bigger, not longer ;)
When you are older, you can decide if you want to go the direction of TroyPolamalu

and because this photo cracked me up....

Theo would like to get more views on his video...so if you have a minute and a half...WATCH IT AND LIKE IT! thank you.


elizabeth said...

Wow. That is a lot of hair. I wonder if either of them would want to share, I could use some more strands, especially at the rate they keep falling out.

ethiopifinn said...

Is your hair thinning? Or just your typical seasonal shedding?
Hormones can really do a number on a good head of hair (including stress hormones), and I see that mine is getting a bit thinner (like my ma's)