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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Small & Simple

I spent the last 4-5 days near the loo.  Stomach bugs are no fun, you see, no fun attol.
Judah and I have been stinky partners in crime, butt (ha, ha) I think we are now in the clear.  AAAAAHHHHH! (angelic choir)

A consequence to the loss of fluids, was a reduction in my water retention.  At this level of obesity, I have heard it is not uncommon to retain water/have swelling in the legs/edema.  I have struggled with it for a long time, before I was, shall we say, quite so Large and In Charge.  I think it's the diet Coke and crap I eat, more than just the weight. Anyhoosie, my little feet have been looking like REGULAR ol' feet. No swelling. Don't get me wrong, I will always have cankles, but it was such a relief not to have puffy feet.  Sigh.  You MUST look for the good in things.
Crap your pants three nights in a row? At least your feet don't hurt.  Sanitizing every bloomin' surface under this roof? Thankfully, you bought that huge pack of Lysol at Costco.  Afraid to eat anything after having a poop-tastsic weekend? You got a little head start on your new weight-loss action plan!
And actually, that last bit of good was the point of my post.  I spent most of the day worried I was going to gain it all back, refilling my water cup, looking at my non-swollen feet, and eating small portion snacks/meals.  I had fountain pop twice last week, but haven't brought any 12 packs of diet coke in here for a few weeks.  It has been easier than I expected to move away from diet Coke, so I will just look at the food thing like the pop thing. How is this going to affect my feet?  Keep it small, keep it simple.  My outlook, my meal, my pocketbook, my shopping list...the same rule applies!!! (this rule DOES NOT apply to HAIR. BIG HAIR or go home, people)


Brita said...

Yay for you!! You and I are in the same spot right now with this whole weight loss thing. We can do it!

Anonymous said...

I keep typing up a comment, just to lose it when I hit publish! ARRGGHHH.

Just know that my humor is kinda crappy. I am sorry for your flu bug and I will keep my stinky puns to myself. heh heh.

ANd thaks to you, my friend, I quit the Daily Diet Pepsi 2 weeks ago. You really inspired me with your post about aspratame, and gave me the kick in the BUTT to finally stop guzzling it like water.


MindiJo said...

BIG HAIR or go home. Hahahaha. I love you, friend.

You know a good trick? Go out and buy a bunch of produce. Cut it up and package it up for a few days. When you have fresh produce, you have to eat it. Or else it goes bad. We don't want to waste money, do we? It works with me. Plus, if it is cleaned and cut in advance, it makes it wayyyyyyyyyy easier to eat.

Really, though. Just having a plan is half the battle. In anything. Probably even hair.

Anonymous said...

i've never been able to manage big hair. Can I still come over?
~ann b.

Leanne said...

I like you all the time, girlfriend.

elizabeth said...

I've never been good at big hair. Although .. sometimes when I put my hair in a ponytail (the ponytail is not a sometimes, the other thing is, I wear a ponytail every day, must get haircut soon) I puff it up. That's a bad description but I try to push the hair forward toward the front so it puffs up a little so that it's not pulling flat. I did it once and kind of liked the look of it, so now I try to recreate it, not that I usually can. Hair is so tricksy.

Glad you're feeling better!