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Friday, April 12, 2013

Yay! Day Two of Snowman Weather!

iiiiiiiiiiits FRIDAY! And it's April 12th. And we built a mini-snowman yesterday and a medium size snowman today. In the second week of April. hooray. (slumped shoulders and dejected look on my face.) I don't mind the snow so much.  It's the mud in my driveway I can't handle.  Anyhow, it felt nice out there today, dusting off the cobwebs from another week :)

I often worry about Judah's development.  He has met all his milestone markers, but since he was born before his lungs were all set, I think I will always worry more about him in that regard.  And he isn't as clear of a talker as his siblings, who were/are big talkers.  There has never really been a reason for me to fret about Judah, but I guess he's my baby & my reminder that life will happen as it happens, not as I plan :) 

Today after lunch he came out to the living room to build a tower.  He has been enjoying the blocks for the last few days since we did a little toy sorting (which = we re-discovered their existence . Judah likes to stack the blocks end to end the long way, with a roof shaped piece on top.  Every.time. He couldn't find the big roof & asked me if I have seen his triangle.
    "Mommy? You see my twiangle?"  It made me teary.  I guess I don't have to worry so much.  He got this.

I gave the kids the smallest/bendy carrot in the fridge to use as a nose.  They were quite pleased with their ol' Ma.  Some days, it doesn't take much to impress them.  I like days like this.  With the kindergartener at school, the 5 year old with all the hair, and my 2 years 10 months 21 day old baby. What. At least I stopped calculating how many weeks old he is. (fine. 151.)

Hope to see the yard by Monday!  

Peace. PEACE!


Deb Lapinski said...

Jenny...not to worry about Judah because he is fine. We cannot help worrying can we? It is because we feel the greatest love...that of a mother.
You enjoy your kids so much....and you value the little things. The droopy carrot nose...and I'll bet you like dining room table tents, too.
You are very wise....and I am proud to know you.

Anonymous said...

I think Judah doesn't have to talk because he has a big brother and sister who do it for him:) But as a mom we can't help but worry. I love that you have piles of snow also. I can't imagine that this will all melt before July.
I miss you and those adorable kiddos. Nan

ethiopifinn said...

Oh man. Love you both!