LOVE has come for you.

Monday, May 20, 2013

30 seconds of disbelief

my hair is matted
my face is flushed
sweat is rolling off my head, down my back

i am sobbing
my whole body is in motion
from mind and heart to feet

this is taking me by complete surprise
one hundred twenty seven seconds of face drenching tears
bend at the waist

and my legs, my feet
they keep moving.
i keep moving through my tears
and confusion of emotion
i keep walking

it started at minute 14
at minute 16:28 i lifted my head up to the ceiling
i let go of the machine in front of me, and
i walked.

every part of me is in motion
in emotion
in regneration, in repair

then a gift
for 30 seconds
my legs and arms swinging
faster than walking
tears again, for the gift of 30 seconds of running
my head floating, my feet RUNNING.


Anonymous said...

sweet.as in, bravo!
~ann b.

Brita said...

Yay! Beautiful poem.

MindiJo said...

Well done, well done!

Leanne said...


elizabeth said...

Bravo! Hurrah! Go, Jenny!

ethiopifinn said...

Thanks, friends! You make it easier to keep going,