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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Even a sigh

If you are in need of a friend, just sigh, and she will appear in your driveway. With diet Coke and Chinese food in hand.
I was dreaming of leaning against a tree, or relaxing on a sandy beach- smokes, cokes, & hot tamales. That way of living is over for me. Pretty sure I will always smile when I think of time spent with friends from that season of my life. She was not ever a smoker, but she has certainly been my friend for-gasp-half my life. 
Even when my personal struggles kept me from being a friend to her, she kept me in her heart. I will always be humbled by that. We are in many ways different & she is so good at accepting me as I am. I love you, Anu! Thanks for lunch!
Plus, she's funny.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. It was very fun for me, also. And....I love you too!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

It's nice to have funny friends. Or friends of any kind: )


MindiJo said...

Friends like that are like oxygen. You can't really live without 'em.

elizabeth said...

Friends, and funny friends, really are the best.

Donelle Aho said...

How I would enjoy Chinese with the both of you...my dearest friends...lucky you's.

Donelle Aho said...

Two of my dear friends, enjoying Chinese together...lucky yous!