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Sunday, August 24, 2014

A sister for Sis

We have bunk beds for Theo and Judah. I wish Suvi had a little sister to love, to boss around, to annoy, to lean on. She has three brothers who adore her. And Jude will serve as a stand in when she needs someone to dress up. He usually likes to look like a wock staw (rockstar) or really handsome (NEVER cute). They put on shows, play super hero figures and Barbies. Suvi is teaching him how to write his name. Without her pushing him, he is satisfied with not knowing how. She makes him want to try. 
Their relationship makes me happy. They fight, too, don't let me fool you. But a brother who will let you slap some nail polish on his jagged, dirty 4 year old linebacker fingers? Ya can't beat it.

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