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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How they make me happy

These kids, they make me laugh.

I just got back to bed after soothing Judah who had woken up from "the weirdest dream." First he explained his weird Scooby Doo dream, then he requested I sing Twinkle, Twinkle, followed by A, B, C's (his favorite songs). I asked him if he'd be able to sleep. "Ya. And sure hope I don't have that weird dream again." Me too, buddy.

Yesterday Suvi asked how a woman could get pregnant if she wasn't married. "The same way a married lady does," I answered in my most hopeful, dodge-y way. "Ya but how, Mom." We were in the car and Theo perked up. I was absolutely wanting to pull over and run away yelling lalalalala! I gave them the light science version of conception. It seemed to be sufficient for now...

Ach. Too funny. TOO FUNNY!!

Hope you get a few chuckles today too!

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I can just see Suv's in her matter of fact way asking such questions.

My biggest saw you at church last weekend. I asked if he went to say hi. He was like "oh. oh. Was I supposed to?" Darn shy Finns.