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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Feeling covered

It would be so easy for the church friends to forget about my kids. We live 35 minutes away (yes, this is MN: we measure distance in time. Existential, really). Every time they get invited to a birthday, I feel so happy they are remembered. Many parties are on Saturdays when I work, but I do my best to get them out to celebrate those Sunday School friend birthdays. I see Theo holding himself back from playing with the boys. I can't force him to join in. But Suvi lives for a good party. This afternoon my friend, who is also my sister's niece, picked up & dropped off Suvi for her daughter's party. Because I had a client, and because K (my friend/the Mom) knows how important it is to feel like part of the crew. 
The other invites make me sigh in relief. This one makes my eyes leak a little.
I'm feeling covered in mercy and grace!


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Julie L. said...

Love this.

Den and I have been saying for a while now that it is our kids that keep us on the straight and narrow with church and bible class. The want to go and they ask why if we aren't going.... and if it's not a good enough reason they have no problem telling us so. It would be easy to get lazy without them.

Friends are good :)