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Monday, September 1, 2014

September One

• I am a side sleeper.
• if I have to get up in the night, I have to switch to my other side when I return to bed.
• I start on my right side with no blankets, or just covers on my hip (unless it's winter).
• When I lay on my left side, I have to pull my blanket up & under my left cheek. My back uncovered.
• School starts tomorrow: I am happy for the routine, but I think a shorter day would be better.
• Suvi usually came home from kindergarten hungry and tired. I hope it's not too much for her.
• Theo and I played balloon ball while Dad was outside with S & J. He said, "This is just what I wanted! Alone time with me & Mom. And Russell, I guess. Russell's job this morning is to be cute, Mom. His job is already done. He's just.so.cute."
• I really enjoyed my few minutes (30?) with him. His only real complaint about school? So little time with Mom.
• I'm not getting out of bed, but as soon as I post this, I'm turning onto my right side.

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