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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

I have a Tell

When my purse is overflowing, when my stuff is scattered, when my phone is full of selfies...I.am.struggling. I get blind and project when I'm in deep. Kind of victim/help&hope-less. It's gross.

So I am THANKFUL FOR MOMENTS OF PERSPECTIVE. And patience, kindness, perseverance in my husband. He is really so much more amazeballs than I can express! I'm going to go ahead and reach way down and light a fire under my SISU. I think it was in the deep freeze for a couple-ten years. Don't look back with woe and regret, just climb through the window already!!!! Yeehaw!

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Elizabeth Halt said...

You've got me wondering if I have a tell. It might be a preponderance of days in pajamas. :)

I hear you. And I am sending love.

You are brave + sassy + wise and I know that you've got this.

p.s. When I am feeling helpless + hopeless of late, there are two things that I find help me feel a tiny bit better. One is the mantra "Fxxx it". (Possibly because I do not swear, at all, so it gives me much release.) The other is to say, "You know what? Maybe it won't work out. Maybe I am going to feel .. it is going to be .. like this forever. Maybe I am a horrible person and made all the wrong choices." Who knows why that one works, but it usually makes me giggle. When I am that low, I can't get all the way up the scale to good-feeling emotions - it's way too much to ask - so I just try to feel a teeny-tiny bit better.