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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

the moment was lost

I just read a really touching account of a dear client's day. She is going through a heavy time, but her words and her intention of holding on to the funny, sort of highlights of the day by day, struck a chord with me. 
I want to remember these little humble moments I have with these little boys here at home.  Judah just comes up with some of THE BEST theories in his 4 year old mind.  He makes us laugh. A lot.  Russell pulled himself up to standing for the first time yesterday.  It was thrilling! He doesn't roll or crawl, so while we're not panicked, we are paying attention.  He scoots on his booty the same way Judah did.  It is adorbs. We want to be sure there isn't a reason besides his 27.7 lbs at 10 months of age, and watch that he does eventually hit those developmental milestones. Gross motor.

So after reading CG's post, I felt the swell of emotion, touched by her words so bittersweet, inspiration to return to writing out our moments.  Then the boys needed me for little Mama things like they do, and my chest cooled and my thoughts strayed and my moments to capture fell from my head. The moment was lost. I hope to find it again!


Elizabeth Halt said...

A year or so ago, I meant to start a journal just for this. But then I never did. I was thinking about the planner that I used in England and how I jotted tiny little notes in the margin and I kept that planner because it was the BEST way of remembering the trip. I'd read a tiny snippet and it would bring so much back. I wanted to have those kind of reminders for daily life.

Hope you find your moments!

mella said...

They say you are halfway there in just having the awareness :)

I've missed seeing the world through your eyes, Miss Jenny, and know that I am not alone - the world is a better place when you are sharing your creative spirit.

May a way show itself that will be easier to manage in your busy life and bring loads of good energy with it!