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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


lunch at Gram's
Weeding with Gramma

Theo asked if Grandma is coming over today. To be fair, he asks almost every day. She is going out of town for a week, leaving tomorrow, which left me confident he would be seeing his dear Gram today. I dialed (press and hold 4), he talked. "Come over." That was his hello! Oh how he loves her. He's been waiting at the window for her to arrive...40 minutes. About 5 minutes ago he was calling out with hands up "Gramma, where ARE you?" She's here now and he and his sister are THRILLED!
It feels so good to see how they absolutely adore each other. Suvi takes a few minutes to warm up to people, except Gram. She gets instant love and attention. They are singing a song of six pence now...it is heart warming. And smile inspiring.


Confused Chaos said...

Memories in the making...

Joni said...

I love it Jenny.

Anonymous said...

Gramma's are special. I can see that your Mom loves your babies.

Our baby loves his Gramma too.........she took him home from the hospital when he was born. She was his first Mom. I think there will always be a special bond.


ethiopifinn said...

B--your mom is probably more invested in M than her other darlings because of it. Amazing how that love starts at day one. Your Mom is awesome (and I am still laughing at the gear she found when D was heading to England. gotta love her!)

Anonymous said...



Emily said...

That made me smile! :)

Anonymous said...

That's wonderful!!!! Oh how that must just melt your mom's heart, to hear how much she means to your babes! Thanks for sharing!