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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

soundtrack of my life

I've been putting together the movie of my life for about a dozen years now.  And selecting tracks for the soundtrack along the way.  It is a thought I enjoy, as I've shared moments of joy or terror or truth with my friends, and one particular client (who, while we don't do 'friend things' I've really grown to enjoy, and I would soooo watch her movie).

Life is always giving us The Unexpected for a moment of reset, potential for growing, clarifying values, simplifying needs.  We are in a season, in this house, of TU and it has inspired me to hug my children, collapse into my man, ease up on the guilt I carry, and seek out other people's creations and positivity.  I miss creating--glue and paper, photos and an exacto knife--although baking really is a good substitute.  Music has disappeared, nearly, from my ears.  I have tons of cds abandoned and alone in a sterilite box upstairs.  Talk radio or the kids' one cd fills up the car.  The talk radio became so enjoyable, perhaps, because my chance at daily conversation (with adults) is one of the things I have given up to be home with my children. 

As we were leaving the grocery today, Theo made a  request for Sugarland.  When we got home, Suvi was asleep in her carseat, I was really into the music.  I asked Theo if he was ready to go in the house; "Nope.  I want to listen to Sugarland."  We brought it in, and thanks to Deanna, we were able to slip the cd into the player she installed in our kitchen.  (She knew it'd be ages before I put up the under the cabinet radio/cd player she gave me last summer, so screwed it in as soon as she got it in the house!) He played with his trains as we listened, I caught up on some blogs, and came upon this one.  I love the playlist she has going there!  I used to make my cards and little creations and write at my late night table with music going, almost in a trance.  It was fun to be reminded of MuSiC! I plan on getting reacquainted with my collection.  For the Soundtrack.


Julie said...

Your new background is awesome.

I know what you mean about the talk radio- I started listening a couple years ago, just to listen to adults conversing.

Loved this blog post- hope the season doesn't last too long for comfort reasons but I like how you look at it as an opportunity for growth.

Hang in there, girl.

Jan said...

I too do not listen to music much anymore. I do check out CDs from the library now and then to get something different. In the past 5 years or so I have realized that every so often I just crave music- as in live music- and then I have to go to a concert to get my dose. I have particularly enjoyed live bluegrass. Something about watching the music happening.

I wish you some time to create- but I know how hard it is to get the time when you have kids. I struggle with it too.

The TU- I send you strength to deal with it...hugs...

Joni said...

I totally relate to the talk radio thing too, and I am grateful for the music my husband brings into my life - I literally feel it washing through me when it is unexpectedly present. And what a good friend to have, she installed your under the cabinet thing? I'm glad to know you have all the love you do, surrounding you! loved your post!

ethiopifinn said...

Julie...your new background inspired me to check around! :)

Jan--i love bluegrass, too! i haven't been to a concert since before i got married. but a year ago we went to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo at Orchestra Hall. I loved it! Guess it's time to find a deal of a concert. have you hears steve martin on banjo? (the actor? i looked for his cd, with another musician, but no luck. i'm gonna check itunes...)

Joni, I know. it is good to -- just remembering us listening to ABBA in your parent's lower level. And you at the piano. Love that memory!!! -- have music ppl in your world.

Joni said...

I remember listening to Katie's Statler Bros. record in your lower level...:)

Amy M said...

I was just thinking the same thing when I was staring at my shelf full of cd's the other day. I was thinking that I need to start listening to them again. I have started listening to some music on pandora at work but I would love to turn it up sometimes!

Anonymous said...

like your new background.
i never gave up music, just edited my choices (no more Hole or Green Day i reckon) but i enjoy listening to things, so why stop? plus, now i get to enjoy Logan singing the "wreck of the edmund fitzgerald" or corey singing "ring of fire"
~ann b.

mella said...

I love the musical side of you! And have always been inspired by how you are connected to your creativity. How present you are with it even to recognize that you're less connected in a certain expression than you'd like to be. Avenues...

I have such Fond Memories of you in relation to music, and especially hold dear the soundtracks you made for me as you witnessed my 'seasons' of growth. How wonderful that you also are doing that for yourself!

If it's true that it's not what happens to us but how we respond to it that's most important, then I believe how the TU has inspired you is the ultimate.

you rock and you roll :)

Emily said...

There isn't very much music in my house anymore either (mostly my froggy voice singing to my kids), but I came upon my CDs in a bout of January organizing. In it I found a tape you made me when you were in Finland. It made my heart warm and made me lonesome for you! :)

Talk radio is my link to other adults and a break from the mundane. My favorite is Dennis Prager. Does anyone else listen to him?

I love reading your posts Jen! You are a weaver of words.